What Is CRPCR and How Can You Help?

Our Purpose

The main purpose of Costa Rica PC Rescue is to help local economically challenged Tico families obtain their first home computer. We do this by recycling and refurbishing older desktop and laptop machines and donating them to these families.

Yahaira Vargas receiving donated laptop
Donating a refurbished laptop to local Tico family

The Benefits

  • Used computers and parts are taken out of the waste stream and find new purpose.
  • Tico children are able to acquire computer skills at home
  • These children use these PCs for online research and creating essays, reports and presentations for school assignments
  • Donating a computer or parts to CRPCR helps you avoid the hassle of trying to sell older machines


How You Can Help 

  1. Spread the word! Share our tweets @CRPCRescue, our blog and our Facebook page. Let local news organizations know about us; maybe they will print a story.
  2. Donate working or non-working computers, parts or accessories.
  3. Make a monetary donation. We always have one or more fundraising campaigns going on to purchase new parts, tools and supplies. Donations are just a minimum of $1.
  4. Offer to mule in parts if you are flying into Costa Rica and have room in your baggage.
There are more ideas and more information on our FAQ page.
Contact information is here.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us!




  1. I have an older computer (no laptop), but a Mac. I would give it away. I think it works, but since it is without use, I don`t know. Is it only PC`s?

  2. Yes, we'd take it. 2772-5530


Thank you for your comment and support for our cause