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If you want to get in touch, probably the most reliable way is by e-mail:

Or, you could call: +(506) 6326 2032 or use that number for WhatsApp

Or, use our mailing address:

Casey Bahr
Aptdo. 1004-8000
San José, Pérez Zeledón, San Isidro
11901 Costa Rica

If you happen to mail a package, do not affix any labels and hand write addresses, etc. Judicious use of duct tape is also a good idea ... no kidding!

Those guidelines greatly reduce the odds of your package getting hung up in Customs, which is a hugely time-consuming and costly hassle for us. Thanks!


  1. Hi there! I just tried to send an email to the address above, but it bounced back. Do you have another address I can use? Thanks so much. Becky


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