Apr 17, 2015

Latest PC Donation Went to Escuela Verde on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast

Many thanks to Ed and Pam Alkaslassy from Ojochal for suggesting a donation to Escuela Verde in Costa Ballena. I'm getting down to the tough cases for PCs, so I was only able to provide them an old small-form-factor Dell upon which I could not get any flavor of Linux to play nice, so had to resort to Windows XP (blechh).

Donated PC with office manager and students
Escuela Verde Office Manager and Students
At least it comes with a nice monitor, keyboard and mouse! I'll be on the lookout for a nicer machine for their next donated PC.

By the way, Escuela Verde is an interesting school here in Costa Rica. From their website:

Escuela Verde aims to prepare children to be resourceful and independent while inspiring them to give back to their community and the natural environment. The school, created by parents, teachers and children working together, recognizes that the people in a community must be supported to realize their own potential for growth.

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