Apr 12, 2015

CRPCR Is Now Performing Computer Repairs for Funding

Now that the crush of PC repairs/restorations is waning after processing most of the 40-odd computers donated last year, I'm reversing my position on receiving PCs for paid repair. We will now diagnose and repair computers for individuals at a $15/hour rate.

Repairing a desktop computer

That rate includes actual work, not gazing at a screen while a big download/install takes place <grin>. We will bill on a quarter-hour rate. I'll reduce your cost if you make an in-kind donation of parts, systems, monitors or advertising. If we cannot fix your PC nor provide a good diagnostic, there will be no charge. Do keep in mind that if parts are needed that we do not have on hand, you will either have to procure them locally and probably pay a higher price, or wait at least a couple of weeks for them to arrive from elsewhere.

All money made from our repair work goes directly to the charity to buy more PCs, parts, monitors, tools, etc.

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