Apr 27, 2015

The Final Plea to Finish the CRPCR Monitor Drive

Before I retired, I donated to various non-profits frequently. I always had some mixed feelings about those donations, regardless of the cause:
  • I knew my address was being sold to other organizations as an easy touch
  • I knew half or more of my donation was funding their next marketing campaign
  • I was a little put off by them asking for a minimum donation of 100 bucks!
Well, here's one fundraiser in which you should have none of the above concerns. Our Monitor Fundraiser - So Far $422 of $500 has been raised

We have had this fundraiser running several months to raise money for computer monitors, which are rarely donated and are difficult to purchase here. If we complete it right now, we have a great opportunity to make bulk purchase of 12 monitors shipped to Costa Rica.

T-Rex bursting through a monitor screen
I hope this has never happened to you!

Prices here for used flat screen monitors are equivalent to the new cost in the States. 99% of them are at least a two hour drive away. To mitigate this extra trouble and expense, we began requiring donees to pay 20 mil colones ($38) for every monitor or laptop. Desktop units and peripherals by themselves remain free, of course.

That is how most of the $422 out of $500 of this fund drive has been accumulated. Roughly half has been spent acquiring monitors for the next donees when possible.

So, with 28 days left of this fund drive, we are short just $78, which is why I'm appealing to you.

It's also a timely request as we have arranged with an eBay seller who deals in surplus computer gear to make a bulk deal on flatscreen monitors:
  1. 8 17" HP monitors shipped to FL for $190
  2. 12 17" HP monitors shipped to FL for $260
Our shipper of choice, Lomaser Inc. headed by Mike Rappaport will make us a cut-rate deal on shipping these to Costa Rica as he did last time with our two-pallet load of used PCs, etc.

So, the total for option 1: $243, for option 2: $327

We have enough in the fund for option 1.
Completing our fundraiser allows us to do option 2. That's the bottom line.

Can you please help us acquire option 2 with a small donation, all of which goes directly to this monitor acquisition? $1, $2, $5, it all helps us reach the goal and get more PCs into the hands of the poorest Costa Rica families who have never been able to afford a PC.

Thank you so much!!

Apr 17, 2015

Latest PC Donation Went to Escuela Verde on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast

Many thanks to Ed and Pam Alkaslassy from Ojochal for suggesting a donation to Escuela Verde in Costa Ballena. I'm getting down to the tough cases for PCs, so I was only able to provide them an old small-form-factor Dell upon which I could not get any flavor of Linux to play nice, so had to resort to Windows XP (blechh).

Donated PC with office manager and students
Escuela Verde Office Manager and Students
At least it comes with a nice monitor, keyboard and mouse! I'll be on the lookout for a nicer machine for their next donated PC.

By the way, Escuela Verde is an interesting school here in Costa Rica. From their website:

Escuela Verde aims to prepare children to be resourceful and independent while inspiring them to give back to their community and the natural environment. The school, created by parents, teachers and children working together, recognizes that the people in a community must be supported to realize their own potential for growth.

Apr 12, 2015

CRPCR Is Now Performing Computer Repairs for Funding

Now that the crush of PC repairs/restorations is waning after processing most of the 40-odd computers donated last year, I'm reversing my position on receiving PCs for paid repair. We will now diagnose and repair computers for individuals at a $15/hour rate.

Repairing a desktop computer

That rate includes actual work, not gazing at a screen while a big download/install takes place <grin>. We will bill on a quarter-hour rate. I'll reduce your cost if you make an in-kind donation of parts, systems, monitors or advertising. If we cannot fix your PC nor provide a good diagnostic, there will be no charge. Do keep in mind that if parts are needed that we do not have on hand, you will either have to procure them locally and probably pay a higher price, or wait at least a couple of weeks for them to arrive from elsewhere.

All money made from our repair work goes directly to the charity to buy more PCs, parts, monitors, tools, etc.