Mar 16, 2015

We Donated Six PCs to the Local Elementary School

We have not had a lot of luck finding used monitors locally to go with the several PC desktop machines we have ready for donation. So, we thought to talk with the local elementary school in our village to see if they would want PCs without monitors.

students at matasanos, costa rica elementary school playing marbles
Do you remember playing marbles as a kid?

We spoke with the director and one teacher about this and they were thrilled to accept them. They said they could work with the community to complete the machines with flat screen monitors. This is a big deal for them as this school has never had computers on-site for the students.

delivering six donated desktop machines to matasanos school
Delivery day of six PCs to Matasanos Elementary

Now, they have two for each of the three classrooms. Two of the machines are Windows 7 and the other four a version of Lubuntu. We also donated a web cam and USB hub. If they get an Internet connection, we'll be happy to supply them with network routers so that all the machines are interconnected.

Matasano elementary school teacher helping unload PCs
One of the teachers helping unload
Thus, the shelves at CRPCR are getting a bit thin now. There are no more repairable laptops, only a few desktop machines working and maybe 6 or 8 machines that are in pieces. Not sure how many of those will be salvageable yet.

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