Feb 24, 2015

Pedregosito Kids Get a Laptop for School Work

Thanks very much to one of our expat neighbors, Shannon, who lives in a nearby puebla, Pedregosito for finding this wonderful family near her whose kids were in need of a computer. She paid the donation fee of 20 mil colones for them as well.

pedregosito family receives laptop from costa rica pc rescue
A local family with high school kids gets a laptop from CRPCR (older boy not pictured)
The daughter and the oldest brother (not pictured) will probably be the primary users as they are both attending colegio (jr/sr high school) where a personal computer for homework is essential. I'm very grateful to Shannon for finding this family.

Any donations of parts or money you can make to help us continue to provide the most deserving local Tico families who need their first PC are greatly appreciated! Thank you!!