Jan 30, 2015

Two Happy Boys with the New-to-Them Computer

These brothers live in my neighborhood. Ketal is on the left, Yonatan on the right. They live in a very small house and just 20 feet away are the family hogs, around 20 of them, which are both a food and income source. They are happy campers with their new desktop PC that was donated from Jeffrey Alami up north in the Valle Central.

Two Costa Rican kids get their first PC
Ketal and Yonaton in front of their first PC
Their dad heard about our charity and decided that 20 thousand colones (about $38) was not too much to get the family their first ever PC. Actually, we give away the desktop machines, but charge 20 mil colones for the monitors when we have them. That goes for laptops now too as they come with a built-in monitor. Plus, they are the style most desired and they take the most work to get going again, if they can be saved.

Asking the families for a contribution is a great way for us to partially self-fund our need for more monitors and parts to keep fixing up the old machines.It's not quite enough to purchase a used monitor, however, which is why we run campaigns like the current one on Kapipal seeking outside donations as well.

Often, a fellow expat gringo will chip in the modest price for the monitor for a local Tico family they know whose kids need a computer for schoolwork or just exploration and, of course, games.I add those to the campaign as offline donations.

We are out of monitors now and laptops, so it's time for me to start in earnest to look for used ones in our area. Right now, we have enough in the kitty to purchase maybe 5 or 6 if we are lucky, but we'll still need more as there are about 12 machines ready, near-ready or waiting for parts in the stock that's currently left. Of course, the families are free to purchase a monitor on their own and that happens sometimes.

If you are a local reader, please keep your eyes out for flatscreen or the older CRT monitors that work well still. I'll take ones that show lines in the display but I won't pay for those as they need work. If they are dirty or missing cables, that's OK. My maximum budget for each monitor is $50 each or less. Thanks!

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