Jan 17, 2015

A Local Tico Family Receives Their First Ever PC with Monitor

My wife and I just returned from donating another Costa Rica PC Rescue refurbished computer to a local family. Marta is the mother and Lelo (sic?) is the youngest of three boys in the family. They have never had a PC in the house before. I encountered Lelo while we were picking up organic veggies at a nearby farm. He just hangs out there sometimes. 

I asked him if they had a PC in their house and when he answered in the negative I found out where he lived and talked to his mom and left my number. I told her the computer and accessories are free, but since monitors are scarce I would have to charge her the lowest price for a used monitor so that I can acquire more for other families. That cost is 20 mil colones or about $37. She called a few days later to tell me they were ready.

This one is a nice looking Dell Dimension 5150 with a P4 3GHz CPU and a new hard drive, running Lubuntu. We set it up and I gave Lelo a quick tour of the OS and software, especially the games. He'll now have something to keep his growing mind active.

Lelo is in 5th grade and says there are no PCs at his school, a situation I hope to remedy when summer break is over. His next older brother will also be able to use it for his final year at high school.

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