Jan 21, 2015

A Couple More PC Donations with Pictures of Smiling Faces

Costa Rica PC Rescue relies mainly on personal referrals from people we know well and who understand the mission, to bring a PC into the home of Tico families who have never had the advantage of a home computer. Here are a couple of photos of recent recipients.

Josue and Roy Esteban are cousins who were referred to us from our very good friend and neighbor, Luis Valverde. They are both in colegio equivalent to U.S. Jr./Sr. high school. They will find these laptops very useful to help them excel at their homework assignments and exams.

Melody was referred to us by another good friend, George Tracy, who we have known several years. When I told him about CRPCR, she came immediately to mind as someone who would benefit from a PC but whose family could scarcely afford one. Melody is the top student in her class in Buenos Aires, so we know it will be well utilized. She plans to share it among 3 other girls in her class.

I always ask third parties who help us distribute computers to share a photo of the receipient, but of course they forget sometimes or the handoff doesn't happen right away. But, I'm very grateful for the pictures we get. Since November, we have donated about 10 computers and have open requests for a few more that I'll fulfill this weekend.

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