Dec 14, 2014

Laptop Rescue Begins in Earnest at CRPCR

Sean and I began triage and rescue this weekend in earnest on the 16 or so laptops that CRPCR received from Florida. We've identified seven that are functional enough that can be refurb'd with only software changes. We clean out old accounts, remove extraneous programs, install license-free essential software and run some stress tests to make sure they are running fine. Sometimes, we have to clean out old cookie crumbs from the keyboards. :)

Sean watching 3 laptops as they are refurbished
Sean waiting for installs to complete
We already have two laptops spoken for and they are nearly ready to go out the door. One will be donated to a young female student from Buenos Aires south of San Isidro and the other to a family with two kids for whom we had provided a desktop last year. That one was damaged, so we're doing a swap for the old machine, which we'll repair and get out to another donee.

While we work, we are creating procedures and organizing our software tools and applications in a manner that makes our work go faster as we continue. We're developing checklists that we'll keep track of the condition of each machine so that we can work on them in parallel without losing track of the work we've already done. Great times!

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