Nov 25, 2014

Forty Donated Computers, Safe, Dry and Awaiting Rescue in Costa Rica

Yes, that shipment of used PCs from Florida arrived in October, safe and sound. Many thanks to Mike Rappaport of Logistics Management Services, S.A. in Cartago for the tremendous break on shipping fees and help at the FL dock getting things palletized. My Tico neighbor, Luis Valverde, lent his truck and driving skills for the pickup of two pallets loaded with PCs and equipment and delivery to my workshop here in Perez Zeledon.

Actually, they had to sit outside, but under cover wrapped in plastic, for a month while I was tied up most days putting the finishing restoration touches to my truck that was demolished last March. And then, I had to face the daunting and much procrastinated task of re-organizing and cleaning out my neglected workshop. Finally, I was able to make space and build sturdy shelves to hold all the machines and parts.

shelves of donated used PCs and related equipment
Donated PC equipment organized and stacked