Oct 16, 2014

A Place to Send Those Too-Small USB Flash Drives

256 mb usb flash driveWe are in need of smaller USB flash drives to help in our PC restoration efforts. They are a handy way to store diagnostic programs, OS versions, application packages and so on that we use during the PC triage and rebuilding process. 

Often, the CD drives in the older computers do not work or will not be seen by the BIOS as bootable. If we have around 20 USB drives of 256MB up to 1GB, we'll be able to store all the stuff we need and keep it organized.

Sometimes, we get PCs old enough that they cannot be booted from a USB drive, but that's pretty rare now. The smaller ones, under 1 GB, are not so useful anymore, so I'm hoping people have some collecting dust that they can donate to the cause.

The address to send to which to send flash drives is:

image of our costa rica p.o. box address

We haven't had any mail or packages go missing to that address, so no worries on that account. I'd recommend that you use a padded envelope and U.S. First Class International (or equivalent) if you just have one or a few to send. It's reliable, cheaper and takes one or two weeks to arrive. Mark the customs slip with "used flash drive" and it will get through just fine.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!! You are awesome!!!