Sep 16, 2014

Due to everyone's generous donations and hard work, many Costa Rican families will be thrilled to receive their first PC!

Today was an exciting day for Costa Rica PC Rescue. A shipment including 17 desktop machines, 17 laptops, several monitors, keyboards and mice were delivered to the dock where they will be packed in a container bound for Costa Rica. I also ordered many spare parts new including hard drives, power supplies, motherboards, test tools and so on.

boxes of pcs entering the warehouse on the way to costa rica
Half the shipment entering the warehouse - photo courtesy of Harry Heist

None of this would be happening without the monetary support so many of you have generously donated, the discount by the shipper, Mike Rappaport of Lomaser, Inc., and the tireless efforts of Harry Heist in Florida who gathered together machines from his offices throughout Florida and solicited donated computers and parts from his many friends and business associates. He's put a lot of miles on his Chevy Tahoe this last month and made the final trip to Ft. Lauderdale to drop off the goods at the shipper's warehouse.

Harry also paid for several keyboards and mice out of his own pocket to add to the load.

The container will leave the warehouse on the 22nd and arrive in Costa Rica around October 6th. So, I have about 2 weeks to clear the decks and get my shop organized ready to accept these and get to work on them. With luck, a week after that I should be able to place a few machines in the homes of the neediest Tico families in our area. Several may be swapped for older machines in the San Ramon Norte computer center, which is publicly funded and free for residents. 

One of the items coming in is about 50 meters of outdoor Cat5e ethernet cable. Instead of relying on a wireless link from our house DSL to the shop, I'm going to hardwire a branch so there is a steady link in the shop. A good Internet connection is vital to reviving these old machines. Often, specific drivers need downloading as well as manuals, technical information and OS updates. I regularly visit various technical forums to track down possible solutions to problems for specific machines.

We also just received many items from a donor near Dominical and several more pickups of PCs are pending locally. It's going to be a busy, but exciting time down here in Costa Rica!

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