Aug 12, 2014

Your Support Means So Much to Us as We Start Reaching Out to the Costa Rica Community

If you are feeling a bit of donor fatique, I can't blame you one iota. And, I can't thank all our contributors enough, especially the ones who donated more than once. Thank you, thank you, we are overwhelmed by your support! I am also grateful to visitors, those who send messages of support and those who want to give to the cause, but can't quite make it work out now. I understand completely.

First Two Fund-Raisers Were a Complete Success!

The first two CR PC Rescue fund-raisers went to 100% in much less time than I had anticipated. The funds from both ensure a running start as CRPCRescue prepares to enrich lives and provide greater educational opportunities to rural Tico families who have been in the slow lane of the computer age so far.

$250 from the first campaign will buy spare parts for many PCs on life support that can be brought to the technology land of the living again.

$301 from the second campaign covers shipping down at least 20 desktop machines that will probably already have homes by the time they arrive.

Post-fundraiser Activities

Now that I can turn off the nagging for dollars for a while (yes!), I'm focusing on  marketing activities and connecting with people in our area that can help find places and people that need PCs:

  • Our new Twitter ID is @CRPCRescue and I've adopted a hashtag you can use in Twitter or Facebook: #costaricapcrescue
  • Our Facebook page is
  • The header photo for those sites was made or a pittance using
  • My sister helped out at the local Perez Zeledon International Women's Club today by presenting Costa Rica PC Rescue and handing out fliers. This activity generated several old computer donations and a contact with one lady who used to acquire off-lease company computers in the States.
  • A local gringo community organizer contacted me today to tell me he's presenting the goals of CR PC Rescue to a local educational committee today. They run a free public Internet cafe in San Ramon Norte whose computers are several years old. Perhaps we can do a swap when the batch from FL arrive and I'll refurb the old ones.
  • I actually donated one of the few PCs I have on hand now to a local family with two school-age kids. I am also giving them the only monitor I have ever found, a 15" CRT Dell.
The only bit of not-so-bad news is that the FL donor can't meet the Aug. 20th ship deadline as he is still gathering these computers from around the state. The good news is that the shipment may also include several laptops, which are great since they come with their own peripherals and screen. So, currently, we expect the PCs to ship next month and arrive here in early October.

Again, thanks to everyone for supporting this effort. I feel inspired and ready to make it all happen for you!

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