Aug 23, 2014

Stateside Donors: Ship Your PC Donations to This Florida Address

Good news for U.S. folks who want to make a donation of a PC or computer parts. Harry Heist, who is donating the 20 or so used PCs to us, has offered to include in the shipment any computers or equipment (e.g., hard drives, memory, power supplies, CD/DVD drives, motherboards, plug-in cards, keyboards, mice, etc.) that you can send to him.

The address to use for your package is:

c/o Harry Heist
17264 San Carlos Blvd #308 
Fort Myers Beach, FL. 33931

Because the scheduled shipment from Florida to Costa Rica is tentatively September 17th, you should ship your donation to Harry no later than September 3rd in order for it to arrive at his office at least a few days before he has to haul everything down to the shipper's warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale.

laptop enjoying a day at the beach
This is the life!
If you have an older PC you've been thinking of replacing or a non-working one collecting dust in a corner, this may be the perfect time to send it off for a pleasant retirement in the tropics. 

If you have any questions, direct them to me, Casey Bahr, at

Thanks very much in advance for any equipment donations you can make to Costa Rica PC Rescue. These will all find good homes with needy Tico families!

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